Happy “Prank-Your-Mothers” Day
by toyful
May 8, 2021

Add an element of surprise to your Mother’s Day, and show your mom you love her enough to bring extra smiles to her day. Here are three ideas for how you can “prank” your mom this Mother’s Day.

Pay her a surprise visit

Whether or not she expects to see you today, pay her a visit with no forewarning. Make it even more of a surprise by calling her from your phone to wish her well on her day, but do so from her front porch, and then ring the bell and watch her be surprised (just don’t forget the gifts)!

Prank her by phone

Visit or no visit, you can prank your mom by phone using a service like Spoof Box to send her calls or texts from an unknown number. You can pre-record calls with a voice changing feature or use text-to-speech options to make her wonder who is sending her these mysterious messages!

First, come up with a theme (remember, no mean prank calls on Mother’s Day, and only you know her limitations). Think of your favorite memory of her or a funny event that you laugh about together. Maybe she has a particular aversion to something that she can joke about.

Second, create some calls or texts around your theme that will leave her puzzled, wondering who is sending her these mysterious messages. Space a few of these calls apart from each other.

Third, call or visit your mom after you’ve had all messages sent, and refer to the same theme. If she didn’t already know it was you, she will now! If all goes as planned, you can have a good laugh together!

Here’s an example: maybe your mom can’t stand the taste of broccoli. You might send her a message like:

Come down to [her favorite grocery store], for our huge broccoli sale!

and another message like

Did you know that broccoli is a human invention, bred out of the wild cabbage plant?

You get the point. Then, when you call her after your last message, you might ask her if you can bring her a plate of steamed broccoli that you picked up from today’s broccoli sale.

Stage some family drama

If you’re having a Mother’s day gathering with siblings, get together with them beforehand and think of some family drama that you can play out together during your time together. Take it as far as you can, using your best acting skills. See how long before she figures out your tricks!

Take any of these ideas as far as you want, or as far as you know your mom’s limitations will allow. Be creative, have fun, and remember to keep everything uplifting and fun on her special day!


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